"Maten räckte inte till alla."

Translation:The food was not enough for everyone.

February 19, 2015

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We'd really say, "there wasn't enough food for everyone." That's just a btw; what is the infinitive of "räckte?" Is there a quick way to look up and find the inf. from the past form?


It's att räcka.


Tack Zmrzlina. I actually did think of a "sort of" equivalent in English, its use, however, is more limited. Suffice to say I am using it in this very sentence. :)


As for your second question: I find wiktionary is pretty good at this. For instance, here are the pages on räckte: http://sv.wiktionary.org/wiki/r%C3%A4ckte (sv) | http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/r%C3%A4ckte (en)


I feel like a perpetual beginner. Wiktionary is a little daunting since it's entirely in Swedish, except for the handy links to English. I can assume that "böjningsform av räcka" must mean "past tense of räcka," but just to hit the "translate this page" button I got: enough Plural form of hand Hmmm... Google translate gives me the same result. Okay, now I see your second link is the one I needed. I don't see why they aren't on the same page. Maybe wiktionary is a bit daunting, and maybe I am also a little bit lazy? Just a little bit. After all, I spend more time on DL than doing other things I should be doing. :P
Btw, congrats on your impressive streak!


Yeah, I definitely know what you mean. And the moment I think I've grasped some concept in another language, BAM! completely misunderstood a new case, or verb form, or gender... the list goes on. :) I can certainly appreciate that it gets harder when the entire page is in Swedish though.

Thanks and likewise! Though admittedly, a lot of those days were quick recaps of "nosotros leemos un libro" just for the sake of the streak. :)


Haha, did you know Luis (the founder) rakes in exactly one XP every day? Unfortunately, the streak does give us a little seniority; that's probably why people strive to maintain it. Of course reviewing often helps us retain more, but we get crazy about the streak. I probably started on DL around when you did (May 2012 for me) but I lost my streak even though I made a great effort to retain it, while traveling across nine time zones. I wrote to support & they never answered. Then I got so mad that I quit DL for half a year! ;) Btw, now I know who to talk to if it happens again...


The lingot is for your wife; for her patience and understanding. :) My hubby pretty much leaves me enjoy my strange hobby, though every once in awhile he shakes his head and mutters, "I just don't understand why you need to study Swedish!


Hah! That's hilarious. And you're absolutely right, of course. My wife's not been terribly impressed when I've had to incur data roaming charges abroad just in order to keep the streak running. :) I lost a 100-day or so streak once, that was annoying, but you know...


Is there a particular reason why "The food doesn't suffice for everyone" is incorrect? It works if I use "all", but not "everyone".


"There was not enough food for everyone" and "The food was not enough for everyone" are two different sentences. They reffer to two different situations. The "default" english translation means that the food (which the people got) was not enough for them, because they wanted something else (drink? alcohol? fun?). How does that function in swedish? Is there really no difference between "There was not enough of something" and "Something was not enough"?


It's a good question. I would use my language like this:

There wasn't enough food for everyone. - Maten räckte inte till alla. (Meaning that the quantity of food available wasn't enough.)

(The) food wasn't enough for everyone. Some demanded wine too. - Mat var inte tillräckligt för alla. Några krävde vin också. (Meaning that the fact that only food was offered didn't meet everyone's expectations.)

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