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  5. "Ik heb pijn in mijn rug."

"Ik heb pijn in mijn rug."

Translation:I have back pain.

February 19, 2015



The literal translation "i have pain in my back" is what i would most likely say (as a native english speaker). I should be able to construct that sentence in the options.


What about My back is sore? My back is in pain doesnt seem like an natural way of talking. When we say something is in pain it usually reffers to another living thing. The dog is in pain or I am in pain, for example. I wouldnt nturally refer to a specific body part being in pain, rather saying that it hurts or is sore.


My back is sore is an accepted alternative.


I'm native Dutch and if i had to translate I have back pain in Dutch I would say Ik heb rugpijn. So Ik heb pijn in mijn rug i would translate I have pain in my back


Does anybody know if I can say "Mijn rug doet pijn"?, or is it like English where you have to say "my leg hurts" and not something like "I've got a 'legpain'"?


That's fine, as are ik heb rugpijn, ik heb zeer in mijn rug, or ik heb last van mijn rug (usually less severe pain and closer to something like my back is bothering me).


In my region (of england) saying "I've got a legpain" is perfectly normal. Older native speakers in particular say this.


Why not "My back hurts?"

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