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"Estoy caminando porque no tengo coche."

Translation:I am walking because I do not have a car.

August 16, 2013



I'm just wondering why there is not an "un" in this translation.


Not sure how old this question is but for the reference of anyone else, I've heard that "no tengo coche" is actually short for "no tengo ningún coche" which would be the grammatically correct way to say it. But besides, native speakers often omit the indefinite article with verbs like tener and haber. Ex. ¿Tienes lápiz? (Do you have a pencil?)


But is it incorrect to use the indefinite article with tener? "Often" does not mean "always".

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Thank you, Data


Just one of those things about spanish. I think of it as, "I have no car." But I used to get dinged for translating it that way, so I stopped doing that. I've been curious if there is a way in spanish to say, "I have no car" as distinct from, "I don't have a car." as distinct from, "I don't have one car." It doesn't seem like there is. Makes you realize how complicated English is.


un = a in that case, not "one car", but "a car". Idk if that's what you have been wondering...


Yeah, I get that. So maybe, "No tengo coche." = "I have no car." and "No tengo un coche" = "I don't have a car." and "No tengo uno coche." = "I don't have one car." But really, no importa. The meaning is communicated. Just some thoughts.


For reference, «no tengo uno coche» is not grammatically correct.

There is no difference in Spanish between "I don't have one car" and "I don't have a car". Un is both "one" (when it precedes a singular masculine noun, also known as a determiner) and "a".


Wait. Its gone back from carro to coche.



Y si la respuesta esta correcta ? Por qué la marca mal


"Ir a pie" feels like it would be better than "caminar" here, because having no car emphasizes that the speaker is on foot


sure sounds like she says "Estay", not estoy. I've noted this before with the female speaker.


Estoy caminando porque no quiero coche.

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