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  5. "Tengo una sábana."

"Tengo una sábana."

Translation:I have a bedsheet.

August 16, 2013



why is blanket not correct?


In one of the questions it uses blanket for una sábana, but then marks it wrong in the others. I think the word for blanket (in Spain) is una manta. Hope this helps. I have reported the problem, several times.


The only reason I even used blanket was because two questions before it suggested it. Boo.


Almost of the time this is not a suggestion but a choice of answers


you sleep on a bedsheet, but you cover yourself with a blanket. These are 2 different words


You had a downvote and I upvoted you to fix it. There is a difference. If it's cold in bed and you have a choice you''d take the blanket.


True but its not saying it like how you are. You can have a bedsheet or you can have a blanket. It shouldn't have marked it wrong or else never gave us the option to use it and when you click on the word in Spanish it gives you the English words for so it is a suggestion but also an option.


In Spain you cover yourself first whit another sheet and above a blanket (if it´s cold)


and in south america (peru and bolivia at least) blanket = frazada


manta en Espagne= blanket cobija en Amérique


I have a bed sheet. I have a bedsheet. Any difference?


No, they are equivalent in English. The only difference is that you probably won't see "bedsheet" without the space as often as you will "bed sheet" with a space or just "sheet" (if a bed is already in question).


when plural, i´m told to put ´bedsheets´. Yet when sing., it turns out ´bed sheet´.



Same here! One time it says "you missed a space" the next time I "corrected" myself and it said: Extra space!


Yes! One of them was marked wrong, but my English spell-check would not let me use bedsheet!


This is one of those situations where you just use "sheet."


still confusing though. when do you use bedsheet?


funny, when I put bedsheet, I was told ´bed sheet´. vice versa. Hmmm . it´s ok anyway as long as I get the picture.


So, why does it offer "cigarette paper" as a possible translation for sábana but then mark it wrong here?


amsmith- it was a choice of answers, all tips aren't correct, you have to choose.


I had always thought 'cigarette paper' was 'tela'=leaf.


according to the definition, "I have a thousand peseta note" should be correct...


hahaha "cigarette paper." You would, Spanish duolingo, you would.


in an earlier sentence I wrote bedsheets as 1 word. It was not correct, i had forgotten a space, it had to be bed sheets. Now I typed a space and that's wrong because it is wrotten as 1 word now..


On some problems if you submit, "bedsheets," you can be told you need to include a space. Then in some other problems if you include a space, i.e., "bed sheets," you get shot down for it


Macy's sells bedsheets. The Merriam-Webstrr DIctionary defines bedsheet. Wiktionary has besheet. Dictionary.com has bedsheet. You can get a picture of a bedsheet at Stock Photos. At sentence yourdictionary.com it tells how to use bedsheet in a sentence. At vocabulix.com they translate bedsheet into English. Bloomberg tells how ro buy a bedsheet. A book you can buy on Google Books is entitled, Lincoln's Bedsheet. New York Times article. A Bedsheet Built For Two. News article, St. Louis bedsheet escapee convicted of underlying crime. Observer Reporter: Inmate found hanging from bedsheet dies. Babylon.com trranslates bedsheet into English.

And it goes on and on. However, like on duoLingo there can be found on the Net lots of usages of "bed sheet" too. Two words. The main distinction sppears to be one of class where bedsheet is the more refined and bed sheet is low brow.


If you touch 'sabana' it says: sheet, cigarette paper,.. I put "i have a cigarette paper" just to see what would happen and it was incorrect. Why? How would you say "i have a cigarette paper" or "i have a blunt wrap"? Thanks in advance.


try taking away the 'a' maybe it wants proper grammar


Very dumb, "I have a blanket" is wrong whereas other questions blanket/sheet are synonymous.


I would normally not distinguish between bedsheets and a bedsheet


Why is cigarette paper not correct


In the previous example, I typed bedsheet and was told I forgot a space; in this example the correct answer is the bedsheet - what's up with that?


I studied Spanish up until level 5 in college and still did not encounter this word. What a strange arrangement of vocabulary.


It is saying im wrong but the answer is what i pit down


I type the answer and it still says incorrect.


wait- I'm still confused


i have a bedsheet as in a blanket for sleeping


Why does Duolingo refer to "sàbana" as sheet in previous questions, but refers to it in this question as "bedsheet". Would sheet still be correct?

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