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  5. "Mat är viktigare än dryck."

"Mat är viktigare än dryck."

Translation:Food is more important than drink.

February 19, 2015



I disagree actually. I think "drink" is preferable when discussing the concept.


The comment above seems to be a reply to another comment no longer here. But I can see what the discussion was about:
1. Food is more important than drink.
2. Food is more important than drinks.
Both the above are grammatical English, but 1 is better style.


I wish this sentence could be replaced with "Dryck är viktigare än mat", so that it was factually correct.


I agree with those who wrote than drink is more important than food.without food you can exist more days than without water.


The sentence makes sense but its factually incorrect. Drink is more important than food if you want to live. Lol :)


Well, it does not say for what it's more important. For the exports of sweden maybe food is more important. ^^


I said Food is more important than beverages and it marked my answer as incorrect... why?

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"dryck" is singular, so it would be "Food is more important than beverage" but imo that doesn't make much sense in English, if it were "drycker" I think "beverages" would be acceptable.


This is an ignorant statement that is 100% untrue. Fluids are much more important to the body and required in greater quantity than food.

A person can go for 30 days without food. Try going for 30 days without any fluids, primarily water, you won't be alive at the end of 30 days.


James, this is a language-learning exercise, not a course in physiology. It is not important whether the statements here are true or false.

If they are false, then an accurate translation of them will also be false -- but it is the accuracy of the translation, not the statement, that matters.

Besides, we do not know the context for this statement. This may be, for example, something that a restaurateur is saying to his employees. He has found that his customers care more about the food that is served than the drink.

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