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Translate into target learning language

Is there a way to translate texts from your native language into the target learning language, so that others may grade your ability to write and speak? I know translating into learners' native languages best fulfills the purpose of this project, but translating to the target learning language and receiving ratings better fulfills the purpose of the learners.

December 1, 2012



I'd like something similar to this as well. When I went to school we did lots of translating into the language that we were learning , but by the time I went to university this learning method was out of favour, maybe because of the work involved for the teacher correcting the numerous ways of saying the same thing. We had one session only in my German course requiring us to act as interpreters in various situations. The students loved it because it was similar to real life and a great learning exercise, but the lecturer never did it again. We didn't do anything similar in the Spanish course. Maybe Duolingo could set up a sub forum for those of us who like learning this way. The benefit for them would be the improvement in our translation skills into our native language as we improve our understanding of the differences in structure between the two languages


I agree. As the site already has the structure in place for users to translate text into native language, it doesn't seem out of possibility for duolingo to create this functionality in reverse and have other users rate the accuracy. If not for the benefit of web translations, then it would certainly at least benefit learning. This should be highly considered as a priority for improvement of this service.


Agreed. As Sally points out, this benefits Duolingo, as it would create better bilingualists, and as a native English speaker, I would be more than happy to review ESL learners' translations into English, in exchange for the same from them.

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