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  5. "Er det mig du råber efter?"

"Er det mig du råber efter?"

Translation:Is it me you are yelling for?

February 19, 2015



One word away from Lionel Richie


Isn't the correct translation in English "Is it me you are yelling at?"?


To me, "yelling at" would imply anger while "yelling for" would imply calling loudly to get someone's attention.


In that case it would be 'call after' or 'call for' (not to be confused with the phone call sense, where for is often optional i.e. "If you are seriously injured, you will need to call [for] an ambulance"). 'Yell for' would be to yell on behalf of someone else ("I yelled at the man for my brother"), or for some (here unspecified) reason ("He was yelling for no particular reason", "We yelled for the sake of yelling").


Not necessarily. I am a native speaker and I would say "He yelled for you" if somebody asked me what "he" said. Mind you, not usually, but it is definitely acceptable and it makes sense.


In UK English yelling is always angry. We would probably say "calling to" or "shouting for".


"det" mens "that" too, right?


Is this translation wrong? "Is that me you are yelling after?" I can use "that", right?

[deactivated user]

    And, really, does the sentence have a context?


    I got yelling at marked correct but it translated as yelling for which is q different meaning
    How would you distinguish 'yelling at' and 'yelling for'

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