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  5. "It is a special date."

"It is a special date."

Translation:Is dáta speisialta é.

February 19, 2015



I'm still getting confused sometimes as to when to use "tá" and when to use "is" or "is...é" ( or is ... í )


Why can't I use "is ea" in the beginning of the sentence? Any help would be much appreciated.


The way to work is ea into this sentence would be Dáta speisialta is ea é., which would emphasize “special date”.


Okay, makes sense to me. Thanks!


I want to see if ive understood it correctly:

It is a special sate - Is dáta speisialta é It is THE special date (weird sentence I know, but this is just for grammar) - Is é an dáta speisialta é

It's when we have a definite article like "an" we need an extra pronoun, is that correct?


My understanding is when the predicate is definite, the pronoun follows the copula (Is, Ba, etc.). The use of "an" before a noun creates a definite predicate, for sure. A name is definite. I also think other noun phrases can be definite, such as, "mo mhathair" or "na lachain seo" but those are not usually shown in textbooks. One example I found is, "Is é do bheatha." I hope others will comment.


The post Eureka Moments with the Irish Copula: A Crib Sheet is stickied at the top of the Irish Discussions. You might find it helpful.

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