Every night before I go to bed, I pray to God, saying "Oh Lord! Please let today be the day Duolingo finally fixes the mind-wrenching audio glitch in the word 'ist'!", and every morning when I wake up the glitch is still there. So now I am faced with the question, does God hate me, or just Duolingo?

December 1, 2012


Give up and just "isst" your breakfast :-)

Yeah, you're right. I didn't really figure anything would get fixed, I just thought it was kind of funny. And I guess I'm really out of luck now, because from what thomas_w was saying, it sounds like the problem may actually be on my end. If so, I have no idea how to fix it.

When I tried it, it was just fine, but there seems to be a glitch in "du isst", did you mean that one?

No, it is definitely "ist" (although I could also be made to believe there is a glitch in "du isst" as well, but I haven't heard that phrase for a while). That's odd that you don't hear it. For you "ist" sounds perfectly fine, huh? I guess the problem must be on my end then. But, for me, every time and in every sentence, "ist" sounds like some sound from an 80's video game. So far that's the only one I've noticed. On the bright side I suppose, I don't have any trouble making it out. When the sentence is vocalized as "Sie [pacman eats a ghost] genauso gross wie ihre Schwester.", I'll know "oh yeah! That's 'ist'".

Both "ist" and "isst" sound fine to me (couldn't find "du isst"). I'm kind of disappointed now. I was excited to hear that Pacman sound. ;)

I think those words are just glitchy in a few special sentences. The "isst" sounds just strange in "du isst". E.g. "sie isst" is fine here.. Do you know lesson your sentence was in?

No, unfortunately I don't. I finished up the formal lesson modules a few weeks ago, and sense then I've just been clicking the "Practice" button on the skill tree and taking whatever comes up.

"ist" and "isst" sounded good to me. Chubbard, we are hearing your prayers and will look into it =)

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