"En hållplats"

Translation:A stop

February 20, 2015

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A German-Swedish course would make things easier. There are many swedish expressions that are similar to german and sometimes you don't see the connection when you learn english-swedish. For example: it took me 2 weeks to notice that verkar is wirken in German, and without this knowledge it's harder to learn.


If there are people who speak both, I'm sure Duolingo would love to have them build the course. Until then, we'll have to make do with this course and the Swedish for Russian speakers currently under construction.


Though I am still learning Swedish, I would volunteer for that. Do you know how and where that is possible?


Well, actually the point is that one should come to such similarities on himself, it's called induction :)


Actually, the more languages you learn, the more you see the connections between them.


Well germany is closer to sweden after all so that would make a lot of sense that they're more similar than the heavily influenced english by latin and other sothern dialects


Reminds me of "Halteplatz" resp. "Haltestelle" in German


Is "hallplats" used when we like to say, for eg. "stop!, don't go/do/whatever.."?


No, it's just a bus stop or tram stop. (to be clear which kind, we say busshållplats or spårvagnshållplats)


What's the difference to "a station"? Isn't that the same thing?


Does this word only refer to a bus/train stop? If so, how do you say "stop" to someone ... ex. telling a child to stop when they are about to walk into traffic?

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