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  5. "Mijn grootmoeder is snel."

"Mijn grootmoeder is snel."

Translation:My grandmother is fast.

February 20, 2015



I wonder if her grandmother drives a F1 or is just very good at athleticism.


Curiously, my grandmother really was fast. She used to catch flies with her bare hands. It was impressive.


My granny was a mean hand with the fly-swatter but that's less impressive than yours. Plus, if I were gay for anyone it'd probably be Neil Patrick Harris. Am I making you uncomfortable yet? In before insecure teenage downvotes...


It takes more to make me uncomfortable than to express a fondness for people I like, too. However, I'd advise you not to make any moves, the man seems happy with how things are.


Nah, I still prefer sockets to plugs if you see what I'm saying so N.P.H. is safe from my awkward advances... for now. Good to hear that stuff doesn't bother you :)


Anybody else automatically just assume this phrase was supposed to translate to "My grandmother is slow"?


Since "snel" reminds me of "snail", I just think of a very fast snail when I see the word so I remember what it means.


Turbo? Sorry, I have nephews with a taste for watching the same films repeatedly.


Yes, I did. Internelised ageism for the win.


Why wouldn't it be "grotemoeder" in order to maintain consistency with gender? Just food for thought, I suppose...


Because it is another word and hence groot is not treated as an adjective. Since you are also learning French, in French it is:

  • La grande mère - The big mother, but:
  • La grand-mère - The grandmother

There also the grand in grand-mère does not follow the gender rules for adjectives because it is a new word.

You could argue that not following the adjective gender rules makes it clearer to know that it is another word with a different meaning. Otherwise how are you going to tell the difference between.

  • De grote moeder, and
  • De grotemoeder


Interestingly, big momma is AAVE for 'grandmother'.

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