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"We are heating the vegetables."

Translation:Tá muid ag téamh na nglasraí.

February 20, 2015



I understand why the genitive plural is used here, with the words forming a complete structure by themselves, what I don't get is the example in the grammar rules where "I am looking for work in London = Táim ag lorg oibre i Londain" is an example for this, yet "I am looking for work in the Government = Táim ag lorg obair sa Rialtas" is an example where the second noun is not in the genitive case because the clause is incomplete without the following prepositional phrase. I realise this is probably not the best place to ask my question but I haven't encountered an example for that yet. Can someone please explain?


You might find dubhais’ comments in this discussion helpful.


Why is glasraí eclipsed?

EDIT: Figured it out; I think this is the first time I've knowingly seen a genitive plural with Def Art.


Glad you figured it out! I'm going to elaborate for others who might see this: it's eclipsed because it's the genitive plural preceded by the definite article.


“Preceded”, perhaps?

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