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Downloading Android app. changed daily goal settings

Went from 1XP a day to 20XP a day goal.

Of course I can't guarantee that downloading the app. was what changed it, but from my perspective that's what it looks like.

It's not a problem for me, as I get more than that anyway, and while I was configuring the audio options (the next day) I noticed it and logged in on the website to set it to 1XP again.

So this is just a report for the attention of the technical people at Duolingo in case they want to look into it - after all, if someone didn't catch it, and only did one lesson a day, and lost a long streak because of it, they could decide to just stop using Duolingo altogether.

February 20, 2015



It seems the Android app is setting the browser version to the app's goal. An earlier post from yesterday seemed to suggest the same thing. I use the iOS app which does not display this so it looks like it could be a bug with the Android app.

What happens when you reset the browser's goal to 1XP (or whatever its original value was)?


A couple more experiments seem to show that if I set to 1XP in the browser, that the Android device will show 20XP, however it doesn't necessarily update this. (The Android device can't show 1XP only 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 - so it seems like it may be showing a default when the XP goal is something it can't display.)

However, it does update this when any change is made in the settings, such as to the sound. At that point, the 20XP it is showing is also saved back to the user data. So changing the sound in the Android app. has an unwanted side effect of implicitly overriding a user's already chosen XP goal settings.

Again I can't guarantee that what I'm describing is accurate to the code, it's just how I'm seeing it as a user. But when there's an unwanted side effect I think someone should be looking into the code.

Anyway, I've set my XP goal back to 10XP (which is where I had it until a couple of days ago). Doing this seems to mean that both the application and the browser show 10XP consistent to one another.


Thanks Pete for mentioning the previous post. I'd missed it before as its title mentions the consequences to the streak rather than the fault of the XP change.

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