"Hon brukar gå på bio."

Translation:She usually goes to the movie theater.

February 20, 2015

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The english translation provides the cinema as a translation for bio. But bio is the indefinite form. Is it a mistake or is it just idiomatic to put it in the indefinite form in swedish?


Well spotted. It is idiomatic in Swedish, we say gå på bio, gå på teater, gå på bal, etc.


I'm a bit confused as to why we are using infinitive here.. Should it not be presens går instead?


"usually" is an adverb in English, but Swedish uses the modal verb bruka instead. So since you already have a modal brukar in the present tense, the second verb takes the infinitive instead.


That's why it's to be translated as "he is used to go to the cinema", innit? The verb.


I think there is in English also the verb "to use to". Why does Duolingo substitute an verb with an adverb? It was very difficult for me to learn the use of "brukar" because of this.


I am confused as to how brukar works as a verb. In English it looks like an adverb.


How about the word "vanligtvis" ? It also mean usually as well. When do we use it?


Heya, I had "she usually walks to the cinema" marked incorrect - does "gå på" not also mean "walked to"? Thanks :)


Actually walks to the cinema would be går till bion in Swedish. These two mean that she walks to the building in question but doesn't necessarily enter it or see a movie.


Tack :) those pesky prepositions again..


Why not "She uses to go to the cinema."? It is very confusing if an verb is substituted by an adverb.

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