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  5. "The big door is closed."

"The big door is closed."

Translation:Dúntar an doras mór.

February 20, 2015



I thought this means: The big door closes. or One closes the big door


Those would be better English translations for the Irish translation above. I’d see Tá an doras mór dúnta as a better translation for the English sentence above.


I had the words slightly out of order myself. I wish my uncle was still around. He'd have me doing drills like this in Irish for four hours a night. :)


Or, more colloquially, "The big door gets closed.": the so-called "get passive".


This does mean that the door is closed but it would be as in it is unknown who closed the door. For simply stating that the door is closed you would say "tá an doras dúnta"


I used "Tá an doras mór dúnta" and it was accepted. Had a hunch they wanted the autonomous verb rather than the verbal adjective.


So three years later, this comes around again and after typing in the same accepted answer (Tá an doras mór dúnta) I made the mistake of looking at the hints and changed it to dúnadh and it was wrong. Got to start trusting my brain, I guess.


Perhaps (still literal but more accurate) „The big door is being closed” be better as the English translation?


That would be Tá an doras mór á dhúnadh. A better english translation would be "They are closing the big door", with "they" being a generic pronoun.


Yes, you are absolutely right. When I wrote the comment above I was still trying to wrap my head around the construction and tried somehow to avoid ambiguity in English (this sentence vs tá an doras mór dúnta). :)

I would suggest one closes the big door if I wrote the comment today.


I said " Tá and doras mór dúnta" and it was marked worng!

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