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I need a help!

Sometimes I do silly mistakes in English that makes me fell ashamed.I study for 4 years and this still happens. Someone have any tip to help me?

August 16, 2013

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Hi Dominoll, I'm a native English speaker learning Portuguese. Sometimes I feel ashamed of myself when I make mistakes in Portuguese too, but I learned that feeling ashamed all the time does not help you. Making mistakes is normal, and is a part of learning. Also, most of the time, native speakers will be happy that you even try to speak their language. :) So my tip for you is to just use English whenever you can without worrying, eventually you will learn from experience. Good luck and don't give up!


Thaaaaaaaks ! My boyfriend always try to talk with me in English but makes me blush. My serious mistakes are in writting, I always forget something. but when I read something I understand perfectly. I'll try it :)

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