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Lépe by bylo: Do they write books? Oni by mohli být třeba spisovatelé. Jedná-li se o jednu knihu, jde zcela zřejmě o čas průběhový: Are they writing a book?

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English sentences are what they are and where they are. WE have no power over where in the tree what words and tenses are taught. So here is a conversation from a few minutes ago, my parts in italics:

Can you guys tell me why so many English sentences ended up in the early portions of the trees, i.e., in the present simple tense, that just do not sound quite English in that tense, except as lines from a theater play or a joke? If by design, what does that design accomplish?

I think they just thought that present simple is the simplest tense so they decided to give it first, but then you have no choice but to create those odd sentences, I tried to replace them, it is hard to do.

You could teach a few adverbs up front.

Yes.....I'd love to add some more words upstream....

some skills are terribly affected by that lack of suitable words.

yes, but we don't have those words that is why we have those odd sentences

Ok. The do not have words sounds like a tree setup mistake. Er, opportunity for further optimization.

indeed :))) that is why we are all about tree versioning

CLICK in nueby's head

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Ať poslouchám jak poslouchám, pořád tam slyším Do you they...

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Píšou knížku nejde?

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