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  5. "En pige spørger efter dig."

"En pige spørger efter dig."

Translation:A girl is asking for you.

February 20, 2015



Is 'asking after you' not accepted? This would make sense in English (native british)


I answered the same thing, and I'm American.


I made the same mistake. I suspect the meaning is different even though the preposition is a clear cognate. To ask after meaning the same as to ask about someone (i.e. how they are, or what they are doing), not asking for someone (i.e. a request or summons).


That makes sense as far as I am aware (also British).


Great, I'll take up asking after people then, in addition to asking for them :-)


Im an anglo canadian and we use " ask after" to mean both inquiring about and asking for


The statement "actor x is asking after actor y" means that actor x is asking for actor y, at least in native English. It could be that this is a idiomatic part of the language, but I certainly would say, and expect others to understand, the saying "she asks after you"


In English to ask for someone means you want to see them, but to ask after them means you want to know how they are. The two things are rather different, but which is the sense of the danish statement?


In Danish, this exclusively means that she is asking to see you. The other use would be "spørger til". "En pige spørger til dig" would mean that a girl is inquiring about you - e.g. your situation or condition.


I think the question should accept "The girl is asking about you". It's far more common colloquially than "The girl is asking after you", which sound a bit pretentious.


Nevertheless, "asking after someone" is the most common way of asking about someone in the U.K.



What has the boy done. Oh ho.

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