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Uploaded documents not showing up on immersion list

Hey all,

This is something that has happened to me for a while now. Sometimes when I upload a document to translate, it shows up as being uploaded on my list of uploads, but it doesn't show up at all in the 'newest' lists for some reason. Is this only happening to me or has this happened to other people as well?

February 20, 2015



If it shows in your list of uploads but not in the all documents, you can try checking the filter criteria (progress, difficulty, categories) used as well the sort by option.


Tried doing exactly this and the documents in question are still not showing up. One of these is: https://www.duolingo.com/translation/7cb8bc0a01024e92b1a3bb09f4e862c2


I am able to open the link. But not sure regarding the positioning in the list as I have not opted for IT course. You can check if you are in the immersion section of Italian for English speakers as well (I see you are learning multiple languages).

In any case, let's hope someone with more knowledge about the issue can respond here.

Edit: I had a look at the proofreading section and it seems the document translation has been completed by you. Did you just upload it sometime back and already completed translating it as well?


This was back a while ago (a month or so) while I was still new to the immersion system and I figured that users just overlooked the article, so I decided to translate it in its entirety. Because this was before I fully finished the Italian tree, there's no guarantee that my translations were perfect and it doesn't help that the article's not showing up for people to correct any error. I also reported this problem twice and got no response whatsoever.

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