"The mayor lives here."

Translation:De burgemeester woont hier.

3 years ago



"Hier woont de burgemeester." Should fit as well, surely?

3 years ago


I want to apply something that I learned in the last session, say, erin or hierin;

Can I make the sentence like: De burgemeester woont erin (the mayor lives in it or lives here) OR De burgemeester woont hierin. (Is this a legitimate sentence )

3 years ago

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Those sentences are grammatically correct, but there are few scenarios in which you would use them. Even if someone would point at a house and asks who lives in that house, you would still get 'de burgemeester woont daar/hier' (the mayor lives there/here) as an answer, instead of using 'erin' or 'hierin'.

Erin or hierin with 'wonen' is not a valid combination, we use it more to indicate if something is inside of something else, usually a container. 'Wat zit erin/hierin?' (what is inside it/this?). 'Daar zit een appel in'.

3 months ago
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