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  5. "Tá gruaig dhaite uirthi."

" gruaig dhaite uirthi."

Translation:She has dyed hair.

February 20, 2015



"Tá . . . uirthi" means "she wants", right? How come in this case it means, "she has"?


You're confusing 'uirthi' with 'uaithi'. 'Uirthi' is a prepositional pronoun comprising 'ar' and 'sí' so literally means 'on her'.


Tá uirthi ... can mean "She must ..." or "She has to ...". But that's just idiom, (and the same idiom exists in English - "It's on me to ....").

But Tá ... uirthi doesn't mean "she has ...", it means "... is on her", which is the idiom used in Irish for describing features like this - and it also exists in Hiberno-English - "Did you see the big ears on that fellow?" - "He'd a face on him that'd break a mirror", etc.


At this time the translation "Her hair is dyed." is not accepted as a correct response here, even though a similar construction is accepted in other examples in this lesson. Perhaps this is just an oversight? Actually this might be a more accurate translation, since it is possible that the dyed hair she is asserted to have in the official translation could just be a sample swatch from her haircutter. :-)}


Does this specifically imply 'coloured' hair (i.e. purple, blue, green, etc) or just dyed hair in general?


Just dyed in general.


Coloured hair, just like in English = dyed, or changed colour by any method...

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