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Portuguese Conversation Skills Via Skype

Hey everyone! I'd like to practice my Portuguese with other native speakers and learners. If you're interested, give me an add : cody7moore

August 17, 2013



There is a group of around 10 Portuguese learners and native speakers from Duolingo already using Skype. You are most welcome to join us. I've sent you a Skype invitation and will add you to the group contact when you accept.

Everyone is welcome, see here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/719477 for information on how to join us.


I don't use Skype that often, but I'm mauricio.collares there and I'd like to join in. I'm a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker.


Ótimo! I've sent a contact request.


That's actually a very good idea. Dave could you add me to the group too? I've just added cody7moore I'm not a portuguese native speaker I'm just a learner trying to get closer to the real language. Obrigado pela sua ajuda!


Thats gonna be nice have one more in the group =)


I saw your reply on vivisaurus' stream, so I've added you to my skype contact list. When you accept, I'll add you to the group. :)


Great! Thank you so much. I think i just accepted the friend request you sent. From now on it'll be easier to express and answer our questions and comments. :) See you around!!


Hi Antonatar, I've sent you a Skype contact request too. We have a group contact which includes all members and I maintain a list of members (Skype names included) which I update and send to everyone every time someone joins. That way you can chat (using Skype instant messaging) to everyone or make either one-to-one or small group calls using information from the list.


Hey Davu, can you also add me to the group my skype ; RomanSteezz


Hi romanlacerda! Done.


Thanks Davu I just saw and accepted your friend request. Sounds like a great idea the way the group works. I really hope we can all harness the advantages of it. We'll keep in touch!!


Hello everybody I'm brazilian and I'm learning English, I would like help other friend to learn my native language and help me in English. My skype is Jarlon13 , my email Lucasspks@gmail.com . Thanks


Hi Lucas, I've sent a Skype contact request. I'll add you to the group tomorrow (or when you accept if later).

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