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"Wanneer is zij dichtbij?"

Translation:When is she close?

3 years ago



the english on "when is she close" sounds odd to me. should it be something like "when is she getting close?" instead? honestly, neither of those sound like very good english, but at least having "getting" in there is a bit better.

3 years ago

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Getting implies movement, which is different from the Dutch sentence, which is static.

3 years ago


So you are asking 'when' about something static? I still don't understand what this means in English. Can you give an alternate translation? Or context?

5 months ago


Would it be acceptable to say this for "when is she around/about"?

2 years ago


What does this mean exactly? Is this a commonly used sentence in Dutch? Does it mean that someone is on their way to you, and the other person asks what time they will be arriving?

6 months ago