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Duo Goes To Israel (ישראל)

First off, I would like to thank StrapsOption for helping me with the pictures.

Duo has decided to go to Israel because he wanted to see the sights before deciding whether or not to add Hebrew for English speakers to the Incubator.

First Duo wanted to take a map of Israel and pinpoint one of the cities he will be going to, Jerusalem or ירושלים in Hebrew.

When Duo was finished he flew to the Airport in Tel Aviv that was named after Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel. After the long flight across the Atlantic Ocean he finally got there.

He then decided to take a little break at a beach at the Dead Sea. He was fascinated that the salt content was 29% compared to the average of 4% for oceans. He was also fascinated that this meant there was no life in the dead sea. Since Duo had a small paper cut from all the great work he's been doing on Duolingo, he did not want to go in because he knew it would sting.

Duo decided that he was going to buy some souvenirs for the hard working people back at Duolingo, so he decided to take a stroll on Ben Yehuda street in Jerusalem. When talking to some Israelis in the bit of Hebrew he knew, he found out that on Yom Ha'atzmaut (יום העצמאות), people took foam and sprayed each other because it was Israel's birthday that day.

Duo was feeling like he was on the ground too much, so he decided to fly around Masada (מצדה) which is one of the most popular tourist attraction, where the Jews used to live and survive.

Duo decided to go back to Jerusalem and go to the Western Wall. To the Jews this is known as הכותל or The Kotel. It is the holiest site in Judaism because it is believed to have been the Western Wall of the 2nd Holy Synagogue or בית המקדש.

Unfortunately as all trips end, Duo had to go back. As he was telling the staff about his adventures, how in some cases knowing more Hebrew would have helped him, and the amazing Judaic culture they decided to release Hebrew in the Incubator! It eventually went into Beta and then into Phase 3, a full course! People from all around learned Hebrew on Duolingo and had a great time in Israel!

Please add a Hebrew for English speakers course to the Incubator Duolingo! I would love it if you did! Thanks in advance!

I would also like to thank StrapsOption again for helping me with the pictures!

Here's the Duo Goes Series Directory: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5949692

Here's the Memrise course on learning Hebrew: http://www.memrise.com/course/364795/modern-hebrew-complete-with-audio/

February 20, 2015



Amazing Amazing Amazing! Duo seems to be adding a lot of languages in 2015, so I am sure we will see Hebrew in the next few months! I love these!


By the Way, you may want to have a link somewhere in your post to the Duo Goes directory.


Israel is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your trip, Duo!


I've traveled to Israel before, and it's a wonderfully beautiful country. I can't wait to try out the Hebrew course here when it finally arrives!


Can't wait for it either :D !


I always love seeing these, they brighten my day every time.


That was really cool!! Hebrew should be added.


I can't wait till they add it in. I'm going to be watching it go up every single percent. :D

PS. !אני אוהב את ישראל


So much history. Nice pictures. I may have to do some research on the Hebrew language.


Same! גם אני אוהב ישראל!


גם אני אוהבת ישראל וגם עברית! יש!!!


Great work, as beautiful as I expected Israel to be!


I knew that exclamation mark was going to go to the beginning!


Good to see some Israeli Duolingo users (אני גם ישראלי) We should make a group hehe :) I also applied to contribute on Hebrew-Englsih course and I hope Duo will repply me and other people back so we can start working (unless there is a course being built right now and I dont know it).


I really hope we will see Hebrew soon!


This is great! what a lovely pictures :) Hebrew is my native language and I applied a few times for the course but unfortunately there is no answer from duolingo at all. I hope that one day duolingo will decide to add a Hebrew for English speakers course to the Incubator because I really want to contribute!


There seem to be a lot of Hebrew speakers on the board. I hope that when it hits the Incubator, it'll power ahead with all these native speakers!


תודה רבה! עשית עבודה מדהימה! Thank you very much you did a wonderful work! :D


פשש איזו השקעה


Join the movement to bring hebrew to duolingo ! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3908786



Wow! Amazing! Israel's such a beautiful place! Duo seemed really excited over there! XD He'd better add Hebrew next or else……………………

Anyway, nice job on this, HebrewLearner! I really hope Hebrew'll get put in the incubator soon! Good luck!


Thanks for the support!


Great post! I've already applied myself for the course and I hope we'll see it soon


I really hope they add it soon. Makes me feel like a crappy Jew not knowing Hebrew :/


You can check out the memrise course that I posted a link to above if you want!


I second the recommendation for rajuncajun's Memrise course. It's not as interactive as Duolingo wil be, but it's well put together and will give you a good start learning the alef-bet and some other basics :) I'm enjoying it, though I'm concentrating on other languages so I'm taking it v slowly.


Thanks for the recommendations I am actually already using memrise courses I just enjoy duolingos website better. I will check them out though.


I like DL better too, but it's a pretty good stopgap in the meantime.


I also like Duolingo better, but for now Memrise is the only option


Hey everyone! If you're interested in learning Hebrew, come join our Duo facebook group! Fluent speakers and beginners welcome, as well as everything in between:)


One of the first languages I looked for on Duo was Hebrew. It'd be so great if this was available. I'm not sure if there's a place to vote but consider this my vote. !אני אוהב את עברית


Yay! We know the powers that be at Duo have said they're definitely going to add Hebrew so I guess it's just a case of sitting tight and waiting for the moment that they do.


Thank you so much. These are such great pictures!
Looking forward to the Hebrew course (although I am already learning Hebrew, and am about semi-fluent...)


Hey how can i contribute?

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