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Duolingo is so addictive

I kept on playing a game every morning while I was on a 2-week holiday to Sweden so I wouldn't lose my streak.

Anyone agree?

August 17, 2013



I have no idea what you are talking about ;-)


Nice, I wonder who has the highest at this moment. Any Duolingo employee can tell us?


Now that's commitment!


I was nearly losing my streak, I did a lesson yesterday at 23:58. Phew, it was a close call.


it really makes it fun, and i have learned loads in just a couple of months. to where i can read the spanish football teams tweets and only have to look up a couple of words. thank you duolingo!


Looks like you lost it after all! ;)


yes, I lost, and gave up. but I'm back and ready again ;)


Sure! Duolingo offers a new concept of learning languages. I think the future is after Duolingo. It'll expand to a lot of languages. The main point is that it's free. Really addictive and... wholesome...LOL ))


Yeah; it'd be nice to see some non-Latin languages introduced, like Russian, Chinese, or Farsi.


Edit: Ignore my comment, read kasra's comment below.

If you are speaking English and you refer to the Persian language, use "Persian" as it is historically recognized and defined as the Persian language.


No they are not interchangeable. Farsi (or Parsi) is the endonym, Persian is the exonym. Farsi to Persian is like Deutch to German. You should not use the word Farsi in an English sentence, just like you would not use the word Deutch in an English sentence.


Thank you for your reply, this concept you have taught me was hard for me to grasp as I've noticed that the endonym "Farsi" has been seeking its way to a lot of thing I've read, and obviously, I have a bias of calling it "Farsi" since it is my native language.

So to better understand this issue, I thought of this analogy: Would you "force" a Persian speaker to call the English language "English"? No. You'd rather let them go on calling English "Engeleesee" ( انگلیسی). Engeleesee is an exonym used by Persians to define the English language, whereas "English" is an endonym used by English speakers to define the English language.

Edit: Feel free to use the analogy to strengthen your point of view, because IIRC you've had similar comments to other people about this before. :)


@SOROUSH I did not say you can't; I only said you shouldn't. The Germans also have the option of insisting that their language be referred to as "Deutsch" in English; and if enough of them do it, it will catch on as an exonym. But they don't. For good reason.

Languages are generally considered to be intertwined with the history and heritage of the people speaking it. Persian was the sole exonym for many centuries. Throughout all that time, Farsi had been strictly used as an endonym. Farsi as an exonym has a history of about a century or so, mostly due to Iranian immigrants who don't know the difference between endonyms and exonyms, and insist that the English speaking world adopt the same word they use, totally unaware of the damages it causes. Anywhere you go, if you tell people you speak Persian, they immediately recognize it, and connect it with the history and heritage that is intertwined with the language. If you tell them you speak Farsi, on the other hand, they either don't recognize it, or don't connect it with your culture, tradition, and heritage (except for a minority.) In the long run, using the word "Farsi" as an exonym has the effect of dissociating the language from its heritage, and inventing a new, blank identity for it.

TL;DR: "Farsi", used as an exonym, is a relatively modern, misguided invention that causes damage to the speakers of the language. It is as misguided as the decree of the Shah of Persia in 1930s, replacing the word Persia (the exonym) with Iran (the endonym).


@Soroush: That's a very good analogy. If only we could make the rest of the Iranian immigrant population understand this... Luckily, many of the sources of authority are still sticking to Persian. (Google, Apple, even Rosetta Stone) If the trend with "Farsi" continues though, I'm not sure it will stay that way.


Yes, I definitely agree. Duolingo should add more languages that aren't as commonly taught. I think I read somewhere that they are working on a Mandarin tree


I, too, am enjoying duolingo. With this and using the Pimsleur, I am very happy!


Yes! If this keeps up I'm going to have to check myself into a clinic. :-)


Yeah, having the streak count be displayed on the mobile version is an awesome feature, it's really kept me motivated. For a while before that update, French was starting to get frustrating and I stopped doing Duolingo for several days at a time or maybe even weeks. Which only made the lessons more and more difficult. Having that extra bit of motivation to remind me to practice everyday has helped me a lot. I find the lessons much easier now too.

[deactivated user]

    I like the "word strengthening". It keeps what you've already learnt in your head


    59! nice one brah!


    dangerously addictive, the washing up will never get done now! :-)


    I'm going on holiday soon and although French is becoming more difficult and frustrating, I'm annoyed i will have a week from being able to practice! I'm gonna lose my huge streak! That is crazy, i should enjoy my holiday! Haha!


    Do you have a smart phone? If so, you can download the app and keep your practice going with that. (As long as you can still connect to the internet of course.) I'm without a home base at the moment and that's what I'm doing.


    Oh good idea! I do have the app on my phone. I don't tend to use internet on my phone or even call that much when i am abroad due to costs though. I think it costs quite a lot more abroad.


    Maybe find places with wifi (your hotel, a cafe) to do your daily practice? Then you won't incur roaming data fees.


    My provider has a €2 a day deal which I bought, but I believe Duolingo also works offline (not sure though).


    Definitely. I used to waste hours on facebook, now I do this instead, no more wasted hours!


    Nice work you have 59 streaks !!! I agree the game is so addictive I go on everyday and answer discussions :)


    yeh keeps me up all night long haha


    I just lost my streak yesterday and am in the process of justifying to myself how pointless it all is...


    Well... it is somehow pointless. Strike doesn't mean anything. Just psychological trick is used to make you more concern about everyday exercises :) And to challenge yourself with bigger and bigger strike. But - works for me very well! And for couple of others too :)


    yup, definetly addictive, but fun and extremely useful.


    le garcon est riche


    yeah, I have to study for my exams but it's hard to stop learning spanish on the mobile app !


    Agreed. It has become my biggest procrastination tool. For example, I should be mowing the yard, but I'd rather Duolingo. LOL! At least it is more productive than, say, FB. ;)


    I have to agree. I started this summer while on break, so I've been good about keeping up my streak, but next week, when school starts, I will be more challenged.


    if you have learned all languages on duolingo, you can increase your vocabulary at: www.memrise.com or look for other things to learn.


    I am on 26 and going. Even a little a day helps. I even have people at work learning with me. When i learn something new, i teach it to them. Makes work very fun with everyone trying to speak spanish.


    The idea is to learn a language not get cyber petted


    I am addicted to Duolingo and at the same time, I don't think it is a good learning tool! Just like cocaine is not good for you but people can't stop using it once they start! Well, maybe that is not a good comparison. I am 71, can already speak Spanish and French, but duolingo is clearnig up a lot of cobwebs in my head!

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