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"I wanted to walk to the castle."

Translation:Eu queria andar até o castelo.

August 17, 2013



I answered "Eu queria andar ao castelo" and lost a heart. I think I need a little lesson in the difference between "a+o=ao" and "até o". The "até a/o" construction does seem to be preferred sometimes and a little hint about when would be good.


"Até o" shows your last destination. For instance, someone is going for a walk and another one asks her "até aonde você irá caminhar?", then he answers: "Até o lago" (Up to the lake) - Here is one more example of the usage of the word até.


Thanks, as always, Paulo. So I deserved the loss of a heart?


Well, we don't use "andar a" but "andar até" or "ir a/até" when you want to express where you are going. We say "vou andar no castelo" meaning you'll walk around in the castle, but not "vou andar ao castelo"


2019-10-30 So to walk around the castle wouldn't be andar pelo castelo, using por like in Spanish? We just use em?


Andar pelo castelo, andar em volta do castelo, andar ao redor do castelo are all used to mean "to walk around the castle"

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