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I lost my options for danish letters

I lost the options to select the danish letters. Does anyone know how to get it back? I tried to start completely over, but I'm unable to do that. It's really frustrating to get typo errors all the time. Help.....

February 21, 2015



I'm not sure why they've disappeared (they appear to be showing when I try a lesson) but you can avoid the typo message by typing "ae" for "æ", "oe" for "ø" and "aa" for "å".


on a mac you can press and hold the option key with 'o' for ø and 'a' for å


Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm using my iPad. I may try this on my laptop and see if it is different.


On iPad you can select say, "ø" by holding the "o" key. Then just select the symbol you wish.

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