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Spanish letters have disappeared from my keyboard

The line of Spanish accents/letters have disappeared across the top of my keyboard. How do I get them back? I have completely shut down and rebooted IPhone.

February 21, 2015



They've been removed during a recent app update. If you still need them, hold down on the letter of your keyboard to bring up an extra menu of accented and special letters.


Thank you. Yes I can get the accents that way, but it was so much nicer when they were on the keyboard. Duolingo, please put them back!


I absolutely agree. The previous "keyboard" was excellent. Please bring it back.


Holding down a letter doesn't work on an IPhone.


When you press and hold down on the letter e, does this dialog not come up for your keyboard, that shows different accented letters?


It (holding a key to bring alternatives) works for me. As an alternative you can add Spanish keyboard in iPhone settings and switch keyboard using the world icon whenever keyboard is displayed. It is between the speaker and numeric keys icon (123).

In addition to keyboard, you can also activate build-in Spanish dictionary on iPhone which would allow you to lookup definitions of words in various apps etc.


I am learning Portuguese via the iOS app for iPhone and I've recently noticed the extra line of accent characters. It was so useful. I know I can just press & hold on the regular iOS native keyboard but the additional Duolingo accent line is so much better. I was actually hoping there was maybe an App Store program that had that if Duolingo removed it..


You can add the Spanish keyboard selection in iPhone settings. I have 3 keyboard options loaded for me and build-in keyboard support on iPhone works across all apps, not just Duolingo.

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