"I could find the street, but not your house."

Translation:Eu pude encontrar a rua, mas não sua casa.

August 17, 2013

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Another heart gone. I tried "Eu poderia achar a rua, mas não sua casa". Interesting, I suppose my sentence translates the sentence but not the meaning (but remember I only saw the English sentence).

They mean I tried to find your house, but only found the street. Mine says something like if I tried, I could find your street, but not your house. How do you feel, I should have lost my heart or not?


I've lost a heart doing the same thing before. I think "could" can be both conditional, but also have the meaning of "managed to", as you suggest. I don't think we can interpret it as conditional here.


the sentence means that he got to find he house, but not the street.... but a more natural translation should be "eu CONSEGUI achar..."

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