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Random Thoughts [Swedish Edition]

Post your thoughts here that don't deserve their own thread

  • Translating someone else's Swedish into English is like 10x easier than translating my thoughts into Swedish.

  • Nothing is more frustrating than getting an answer wrong because I put "I" instead of "jag" or something similar because you have come to completely internalize that jag = I

  • Maybe it's an illusion because I only have a tentative grasp on Swedish, but so far I find Norwegian much easier to understand than Danish.

  • I have come to appreciate practicing what you are supposed to already know after I took a week off of learning new stuff. I think you need at least 4 strengthens/reviews a day to keep your existing tree gold.

  • Who wants to bring back the runic alphabet?

February 21, 2015



My random Swedish thought of the day:

Some days you can understand Swedish pretty well, and others you feel like you've never heard the language in your entire life.


Me with every language, even after 4 years of German. Some days I feel like I suck, other days I feel like I'm going to be fluent by studying on my own a couple more years.


I'm going to Europe in the fall and I'm wondering how many Swedes I'm going to offend with my terrible pronunciation.


Probably none :). Swedes love Swedish spoken with an English accent!


But does it make a difference if spoken with an American English accent?


As long as you can't pronounce r, u och y correctly it's fine :). And you should also keep the alveolar stop in d and t.


You said 'och' instead of 'and' :P language confusion, I've done it before with similar words.


Ha ha, I pronounced r, u and y in Swedish when I wrote, so that's probably why :).


Gosh,I didn't even notice that Helen wrote "och" (so when I read your comment I was thinking "what is he/she talking about?") That i didn't notice means that I'm actually internalizing some of the language, I guess!


From what I have heard, most people are pleased if you make an effort to speak their language rather than just speak English to them.

I have heard that the English have a really bad reputation in Europe for not making an effort.


Speaking only from my experience, I can have a conversation with a Norwegian with me speaking Swedish and them speaking Norwegian, but I can't have a conversation with a Dane that way. I saw a Danish movie last year and it was so frustrating - I could understand a couple words here and there but largely it went over my head. But it sounds so close!


Honestly, I think German might be easier to understand than Danish


I run out of hearts on too many Swedish lessons because of the autocorrect on my phone :( sigh


XD I know right!!!


Thought I'd look at some easy Swedish tv, went to childrens' channel, found a short about having the cat put down! Tears before I could finish it, and I only understood a few words.


Swedish TV young children's program Djur med Julia - Animals with Julia http://www.svtplay.se/video/2388381/djur-med-julia/avsnitt-1 Each short video has Swedish subtitles and definitely no sad stories.



Thanks, Philip! Rather an irritating young woman, but she speaks clearly and slowly! Very helpful to watch something like this.


I watched that too, and it made me cry too. What a strange show, but my partner said, that is Sweden for you. I do not understand as much as I would hope. There are still way way way too many words I do not understand.


Some days I think that I am really good at German/Dutch, and I will probably feel that way about Swedish some day. Other days I think, "Well, I don't understand this word and I've made quite a few errors in my writing that I definitely should have caught. What if I never become fluent in them? What if I can't get a job after I graduate college because my speaking skills aren't good enough?"

I have four years to become test-determined C1 in German/Dutch/Swedish if I want to accomplish my goal. Maybe it sounds like a bit much, but if I work hard every day I'm sure I can do it. I need to get over social anxiety of Skype. Then by the time I graduate college, maybe I can move to the Netherlands, Germany or Sweden and start working a fun job, learn the language and enjoy my life. :)

Those are my goals, and it really sucks that sometimes I am hard on myself and discourage myself.


My goals are similar: C1 in Portuguese,Spanish,German. B2 in Swedish,French,Russian,Mandarin Chinese. B1 in Vietnamese,Arabic. Yep, lots of work indeed but we will get there!

[deactivated user]

    After I finish with the Swedish tree, I want to sign up for Swedish classes at an institute near here and eventually take the Swedex B2 exam. :)


    I am watching the season premier of vikings and just got really excited because they were speaking in some form of Scandinavian and I was able to understand bits of it.


    I started to learn Swedish 10 years ago and since then, I've learned it at home, then in English, then in Hungarian (I also spent a full year in Sweden), now I joined Duolingo but it is still sooo hard to understand a Swedish conversation! >.< It drives me crazy because I've listened to so much Kent that it's almost unhealthy, haha.


    Well, try to think about and in the language as much as you can! Practice makes perfect!


    Yesterday I was trying to keep a running monologue in Swedish, even saying it out loud if there were not too many people around, but there are still too many words I do not know. Like "war" was one, from yesterday.


    Yeah, I think I need to practice this thinking-thing... I do it with English every day (because I need to use it at my workplace), but somehow I have some basic problems with the oral part of Swedish. I can read magazines in Swedish but get scared in a shop when the cashier asks back. XD


    No matter how well I think I know the language, when someone talks, I make this face: http://www.yorubagirldancing.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/confused-baby.jpg?w=300


    Love the runic alphabet. One of my motives! Great stuff!

    I think they need to put that stupid progress bar at the bottom, so that I can see the definition at the bottom. I shouldn't have to scroll down or steal money for glasses. Who needs to know how many words till you get an award? LOFL.

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