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"Leksakerna är värda hundratals kronor."

Translation:The toys are worth hundreds of crowns.

February 21, 2015



I am wondering why in English it is sometimes 'crowns' and sometimes 'kronor' ? Anyone?


I was wondering that too! Although I quite like translating it, it makes it seem like Duolingo's crown levels are actual currency in Sweden!! :')


'kron' is the Swedish word for crown, and unlike most other parts of Europe, Sweden just never stopped using 'crowns' as currency. Krona/kronor is technically the correct word in English unless you specify 'Swedish crowns' to differentiate from the other historical currencies (or you could be even more specific and use the ISO 4217 code, which is 'SEK', though you're likely to confuse people outside of financial circles if you do so).


Why "hundratals"?


Hmmm...my answer matched the correct answer exactly but they marked it wrong? Whats up with that? Happen to anyone else?


There's a bug that can make that happen sometimes I'm afraid, we've been seeing it pretty often recently.


Thanks. By the way - incredible how many languages you study!


Interestingly, the Oxford English Reference Dictionary gives 'kronor' as the plural of krona!


This is a wrong translation.


It would be more helpful if you could describe exactly how it's wrong or what the correct answer should be.


The toys worth....not are worth; toys are worth is not proper English


Actually; the toys worth is proper english. When one is buying a previously owned work of art, furniture, even real estate...the question is "What is it worth?" It is also correct to say "The toys' worth is 50 dollars" But more often the first is used.

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