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Idea - trimming the tree


Ever since i finished my skill tree I find myself scanning through it looking for skills which have degraded since my last training session. And of course, every now and then I miss some of them and spend my time repeating some less demanding lessons. I feel that ability to filter out the clutter(ie. gold lessons) might improve overall UX, especially on mobile platforms. What do you think?

Here is a crude version of what it might look like: http://i.imgur.com/HUJEiQX.png

February 21, 2015



Great idea! I wrote a simple userscript with this functionality! It adds a button to the tree to toggle all golden skills, locked skills and test-out buttons. :)

You can get it here: https://monkeyguts.com/code.php?id=813

You need the Chrome extention Tampermonkey or the firefox add-on Greasemonkey in order for this to work!

UPDATE: The script now remembers that your tree is trimmed.


This might be tricky, but is there any way to make the tree trimming sticky? For instance now when I go to work on a tree I trim it and when I finish the review I've been working on it brings me back to the untrimmed tree. I know it only takes a click to trim again but it would be awesome if I could hone in on exactly what I need to work on each time.


This feature is now added, you needf to reinstall the script :)


Thanks a lot! :)


Thank you, works like a charm :) I'm not big fan of user scripts as you have to reinstall them every time you change browser/computer, but for now it will do :)


Thank you very much, it works perfectly! I loved it! May I post it in Duo Portuguese forum?


love the userscript, just installed it and works a treat. would it be difficult to invert the tree when trimmed as well as I always work from the harder skills to the easier, and I believe this would be a great advantage for people still working through their tree as the skills they are currently working on will be at the top of the screen.


If the tree is trimmed, there's not much to scroll through unless you're not reviewing on a regular basis.

[deactivated user]

    Great idea! I have stopped reviewing skills. I have did it on my Spanish tree for about 80 days after I finished it, and got bored with the same nonsensical sentences. So, I moved on to the reverse tree, and am now doing the German for Spanish speakers tree, which is much better practice after you take a few weeks to review the first tree.


    I approve of this!


    I don't think I'd personally use it very often. But still it would be a pretty cool thing to have.


    I think that this is a great idea! I would definitely use it.


    Nice. What I would really like to have would be a way to re-learn only up to a certain part of a tree, ideally using the checkpoints button for that. Right now, when re-visiting a tree after some time, it will overwhelm me with the higher-level stuff when I use "Strengthen skills", so I have to go through all skills by hand, bottom to top. But I don't think this one can be done with a user script :)


    Yeah, I too feel like strengthening skills from whole tree is just too mixed up to recall any of those skills sufficiently(especially grammar).


    I like this! I haven't finished my tree but I'm pretty far down, and this means I don't have to scroll through the entire tree looking for the one skill I need to review!


    Can you repost the code? The link is broken down


    Check the comment section in this thread. There's a working copy.

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