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New idea : Reactivation of the existing shortcuts

I am proposing to reactivate the big shortcuts in languages if you have already completed the following lessons.

  • Why/Where does this idea come from?

During a whole month of summer (and probably more) I was unable to use Duolingo, thus from now on I have a huge "Duolingistic" problem: I have to spend a long long looooong time to re-golden all my skills.

Actually, this is not that bad for languages that I have been learning from scratch here on Duolingo because that makes me work again on some notions I have forget.

The real issue is for languages that I wanted to improve thanks to Duolingo:

  • After 2 months of inactivity I cannot re-golden quickly the basics except spending 40 hours or more on lessons that I already know (which is a tremendous waste of time). This could be great to get a new access in the existing shortcuts that I used before.
August 17, 2013



This has been suggested several times by various users, myself included. Luis has indicated in another discussion that the next time they make any drastic changes to the skill trees that they may reactivate the shortcuts for users to quickly catch up. I tend to think that there is value in making them available at any time for review and refresh purposes when you've been away from the app for a time (with the coin awards adjusted downwards accordingly since they're not replacing several lessons or sections in this mode).

Of course, if you're willing to lose any streaks or extra coins earned via Immersion or practices, you can always delete the language from your profile and then use the shortcuts / "test outs" to get everything gold again. Your vocab won't stay golden for long, however, because the system will only credit you with having seen each word once and will thus deteriorate much faster than words you've successfully encountered dozens or hundreds of times. It is an option, though.


speed practice allows you to regold quickly

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