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Skills getting faded faster

I think after the release of the last feature (less xp for repeating lessons) the skills have been fading faster. I usually practice two languages every day and usually have 2 weak skills. Today I have 6 in german and yesterday I had 4 in swedish. While this sounds good, I see a tendency to repeat old skills more, which is contrary to the goal of the new feature. Please take a look. Thank you!

February 21, 2015



Same thing for me. I strengthen old skills regularly but since few days I noticed that they are fading really fast. I have currently 12 skills not gold anymore in my tree while I reviewed most of them two or three days ago (and I know them by heart already...) That it really not motivating ! Please fix it, many thanks !


I've noticed that myself; I was only needing to strengthen one or two skills every two days or so on my French and German trees, now I'm getting about five a day! If this carries on I may be forced to abandon trying to keep them gold...


Don't abandon them. It's going to be very irritating but it turned out to be just a phase for me


the only language i learn intensively is italian, and a sort of this happened to me too. after a while of normal learning, i started getting 2-8 faded skills every day. i was maybe 14 or 15th level then. it was rather infuriating, but after a while it stopped, so i guess it was just a phase in learning where you know too many words to fit in your regular practice, but you catch up with it later. but this is just me adding my opinion, idk if that's a real problem. and anyways, congrats on being able to learn so many, i would have been totally confused :)


Yes, it could be that too. I heard someone asking Luis about the same thing so this time I just opened this issue to give a heads up. About many languages, I learn them very slowly, I don't know if I will ever use them in real life (besides english). Anyway, congratulations to you too, you seem to study as many languages as I do.


well it's three less but tnx haha


I can usually achieve my daily goal for each of my five languages with just the practicing the weak skills. While I will admit, some skills are terribly weak and do need practicing (I just did Swedish clothing four times over before I got it good, with no hearts left), others I'm sleeping while doing. Practically any skill in Portuguese or Italian for me isn't really weak, and I know it very well. My Swedish is definitely a weak area, but my German and French are in the middle. It does fade way too fast and it's incredibly discourages, since half or more of my time learning is on skills I've learned already.


I'd be fine with them fading faster if there was also a way to do an extended strengthening skill that worked to "re-gild" more modules than a generic strengthening exercise does. Also, I'm fine with it in new languages, but in Spanish it's more frustrating since I'm most familiar with it.


Yes... my rule is to strengthen anything lower than 2 below gold. Now... barely any time for lessons!

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