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Tools to find active users at my level!

Hi there duolingo, loving increasing my vocabulary and grammer with this great site! Just one thing - would it be possible to add a tool that allows you to search for "Active" users at a similar language level as you and perhaps the same language (eg an active french lvl 7 and the tool locates say an active french level 6?). At present it is really hard to find users, that are active and of similar level to compete against... Thanks for everything so far!

August 17, 2013



I think it would be awesome if Duolingo plucked eg French speakers learning English and presented them with English speakers learning French - or even just presented an opportunity for those two groups to collide. At the moment, the French and other language forums are as good as completely invisible to me as a registered English speaker, and I think that is an awful oversight.


This would be great! I would love to be able to find people in my level, I think it would be easier to practice!


Very good idea. I would really like to compete with active german learners.


definitely, at the moment ive just added 100 random people and trying to push my up the leaderboard


I find that skill levels are not a reliable indicator of how good someone is. There are people with much lower skill levels than i have who are 3/4 of the way through the tree or have finished the tree. It can be disheartening to see that. But i see your point. It would also be good to make friends who spend similar amounts of time on here. You can make friends with someone but they may spend so much time on here and gain so many points that you can never keep up with them. There is no way you can compete.


Don't see that as disheartening, because skill level doesn't tell you much. I've learned German in high school and I'm just revising it, up to now I was mostly doing tests for lessons, and that really speeds up the process. My French is another story :).

That being said, I still like to follow some people whose level is close to mine, because that makes me do more lessons :).


well I don't know if this site works for French but for you Spanish learners go to verbling.com to speak with native Spanish speakers learning English just add them on your friends list on you can message them back and forth.


fingers crossed :) very great idea :)


ja, genau, das ist ein gutes Idee


Hah, people voted you down for speaking German. In a bloody language learning website. Get your heads out of your arses people, you embarrass me. Glaub ich auch das es 'n gute idee ist :)


hahaha, ja, Mensch, und ja, es ist ein gutes Idee, tschüss Chilcence :)


yup. I'm new here and have noone to compete against, since I don't know anyone on my level (and my friends don't want to learn another language sigh). It's getting kinda boring being all alone...so anyone starting to learn french like me - please add me ;) I'm German btw, so if anybody needs help... :)




Add me if you are learning spanish too!


I'm a 6. I added you. That being said I am working on writing a thesis in Japanese....I'm not sure how much competition I can give you...


let the games begin ;)

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