loads of phising ..




February 21, 2015


Oh, not again. That's very dull of them. We get rubbish trolls.

Thanks! I haven't noticed any phishing (or is phising something else?). I've been pleasantly surprised at how clean of trolls duolingo is. What should I be looking for to report? Sometimes somebody doesn't seem to be making a reasonable effort to translate a sentence, but that might just be a result of a lot of us not knowing very much about the languages yet.

Oh dear, I thought I had left that kind of activity behind with busuu! There were many scams and scammers but it was hilarious to read some of the 'sad' accounts (in very bad English!) of 'seriously ill' people who wanted to give you all their money as they did not have long to live. All they wanted was your bank details so that they could make you their beneficiaries in the event of their death if not before they died! Not to mention the wealthy orphans living in the middle of nowhere and needed someone to look after their money for them :)) However, there were also serious and sometimes successful ploys to befriend vulnerable people with the aim of getting money from them; so it is always wise to be alert to these threats. I didn't think this site provided the same opportunities as there are not the same facilities to have a private messages received and sent box or for anyone to click on your profile for a 'chat.'
I'm glad to be a member of a friendly community where the emphasis is on learning... but I will be alert

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