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"The new trend is to wear big jackets."

Translation:Den nye trend er at gå med store jakker.

February 21, 2015



Is at gå used here because it's more like "to go along with the trend"?


No. It's just a common way to say "wear" when not referring to what you're wearing at a specific moment (in which case you'd likely use "have på". ("Hun havde en stor jakke på".)


I wish the English translations were more direct, I could have translated "to go with" but I can't just guess phrases we've not been shown


Trend is pronounced the English way!?


That is normal in Denmark. We often pronounce English loanwords in an English way. I guess that over time they will slowly become more Danish, pronunciation wise. The 'we' in "weekend" is now pronounced more like "vi" than "we". You will hear "trend" spoken like it was a Danish word as well, but most say it like this.

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