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  5. "I want half."

"I want half."

Translation:Jag vill ha hälften.

February 21, 2015



Not sure if i missed it somewhere but, what is the difference between halva and hälften?


Halv is an adjective (e.g. half a cake) whereas hälft is a noun (the half). You could use either in this context. Either: jag vill ha halva (tårtan) or jag vill ha hälften (av tårtan). There is also a noun halva, -n -or which means pretty much the same thing as hälft.


I see. Thanks for the help!


I see that we are meant to use the definite form of either the adjective halva or the noun hälften. In case of the adjective, I can understand that this is because the implied noun would be a definite one, e.g. "tårtan". Now, if the noun is made explicit, would we insert as usual a definite article in front, e.g. "den halva tårtan"?

As for the noun hälften, I guess we'd just have to accept the definite form as the convention in Swedish.


This section could definitely benefit from a Tips & Notes guide.


I just asked this exact question on a similar exercise! Guess I have the answer now. Thanks guys!


Why not "jag vill hälften "?


want is vill ha when you want a thing, and just vill when you want to do something. Since it's hälften, this must be about a thing.
I wrote a little about this verb here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5892480


Can one say „Jag vill ha halv”? Or is „vill ha” not applicable to adjectives with implied nouns? Or something else I am missing?


Did you see Lundgren8's reply to kgbelt above? He says the adjective works as well in this context, but it would be in the definite form "halva".


Yes, I indeed did see it, I do not think I understood however. Thank you for clarifying.

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