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Practice Too Hard!

Why is it that today the Practice sessions contain vocabulary and tenses I haven't learned yet? Up till now Practice was mainly a review, but today I have run out of hearts four times in a row. I don't know Spanish at the level of the questions.

May 8, 2012



hover over the new words until they highlight yellow. You should notice that their translation should appear as hints.


After I asked the question the Practice exercises seemed to revert to a level I'm comfortable with--not impossibly challenging.


I just got this problem myself. Suddenly I'm doing past tense in Danish despite not even being close to unlocking that skill to learn yet. I am imagining that Duolingo might occasionally throw this kind of curve ball in at you, "on accident on purpose," to see if you're taking it seriously or cheating somehow. Well it just found out I'm taking it seriously, 'cause I quit that practice session.


Now that I've finished the Danish course I regret ever having complained about this, because I have all skills at level 5 now and can't get practice to give me anything remotely engaging whatsoever. The only way I'll be able to practice & retain my Danish is to select skills that I want to work on topically--the practice button is essentially useless now.


This has started to happen to me this week. For the past 6 months, I would do new content in the morning when my brain was fresh. Then review my completed lessons (golden subjects) and work on things like pronunciation right before bed. Now my night practice contain advanced material from across ALL the golden subjects and also new grammar! For example, I want to review basic greetings but it's giving me advanced complex sentences I have never encountered before at a time I am tired and just want to REVIEW! My frustration level is so high as I am learning 5 languages and need this REVIEW time. My paid subscription is ending in a week and I am not renewing.


My Practice lessons also contain stuff that i would maybe learn like 20 lessons ahea, but i think that is because i was stupid enough to cheat on the Golden Owl test, because i thought i wouldnt need the first lesson. Is there any way to undo this or do i just have to stick to the new lessons?

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