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"Vår kandidat är bättre än er."

Translation:Our candidate is better than yours.

February 21, 2015



Is there any way to distinguish between "Our candidate is better than yours" and "Our candidate is better than you" aside from context?


Yes, if you say Vår kandidat är bättre än du/ni, it's even less ambiguous than the English sentence.


Woops, I guess I momentarily forgot about the difference between er and ni. Thanks!


You're totally right that the sentence above is ambiguous though.


Why ambiguous? It seems pretty clear to me - am I missing something?


The English sentence is ambiguous because you don't know if yours refers to one person or many people. The Swedish sentence is ambiguous because you don't know if it means "Our candidate is better than yours" or "Our candidate is better than you".


Actually 'Our candidate is better than you' can be either Vår kandidat är bättre än du/ni or … bättre än dig/er. Both ways work in Swedish. In this case English is helped out by yours, but in a sentence like Jag är längre än han/honom, both ways work both in Swedish and in English: 'I am taller than he/him', so this often works the same in both languages.
än and than are grammatically ambiguous, they can be seen either as a prepositions or conjunctions here.


Arnauti, I cannot answer your comment, so I'll answer here. I still do not get why the Swedish sentence is ambiguous - I've thought that "Our candidate is better than yours" would be "Vår kandidat är bättre än din/er" while "Our candidate is better than you" would be "Vår kandidat är bättre än du/ni (är)".


Politics in a nutshell.


why is it "bättre än er" and not "bättre än ers"?


er is the second person plural possessive pronoun for an en word, as well as the second person plural objective pronoun.

If you were talking about an ett noun instead of a kandidat, you would use ert, or era for several candidates.

Our table is better than yours: vårt bord är bättre än ert
Our apples are better than yours: våra äpplen är bättre än era


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