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I need site translated

I am now setting up my website and believe this would be a great tool for people I do not reach on a personal basis.

I have never been able to put a price on my business marketing and feel okay, mainly because I believe that you must work for what you get. So asking people to pay me for advertising just because I am good at what I do feels a little self righteous or puts me on the list that I just do not care to be on.

I believe that all people should have the ability to learn a language especially when they are living in the country and should have the ability to do it for free when they are contributing something to society.

Germany has been wonderful about this but I believe Mr. Ahn has taken this to a new level of how this can impact one's self assurance in society.

I have sites that my clients have used that need to be translated to the web and I do not know how to do it (help)

My business would also bring a community of people together that normally would have never met, while building community websites.

Would this make them more accountable to do it or take away from the comfort from learning at home?

All the websites will be in the community we live in, which encourages and gives you something back to the community.

Could this be implemented into Mr. Ahn's translation system?

If so, how do you charge for an advertising and translation service like this?

August 17, 2013



Firstly, no Ghesslen, just no...

Secondly, I have no idea what the question is... It seems you might have waffled a bit and have left me confused. Could you please do me the favour and explain this website again and what you are scared of again?

  1. Could I use Duolingo on my website?

What is my website? I help people get settled before they move to Germany and help them integrate properly into the German culture once they arrive. My business brings German companies to the expat community

  1. Could I use the Duolingo program to translate websites that are valuable to English speakers in Germany?

Why am I scared? Because the internet is full of creepy people and I prefer to do business in person. I am trying to make my way through the Web and I find it a tad bit frightening. But the web is important and I am getting closer to overcoming this fear. A good example is the guy that made that extremely unnecessary photo shop picture but people with idea of brining Duo and olingo together sounds like something I would like to be a part of!

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