"Ik speel."

Translation:I am playing.

3 years ago



This is the verb for play as in playing outside or playing with others. How would you say "play piano" or "play basketball" (as manipulating an object)?

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For musical instruments you can use both 'spelen' and 'bespelen'. So for example: 'Ik speel piano.' and 'Ik bespeel de piano.'

For sports we always use 'spelen' or we make a verb out of the noun, e.g. 'voetballen'. (The last one is not used for sentences like: 'Ik voetbal'.) You can however say 'doen aan (...)', so if someone is asking what kind of sport you do, you can answer with 'Ik doe aan voetbal'.

  • Ik speel voetbal. ('I play football/soccer' or 'I am playing football/soccer')
  • Zullen we gaan voetballen? (Shall we play football/soccer?)
  • We zijn aan het voetballen (We are playing football/soccer)
  • Hij doet aan voetbal (He plays football/soccer)
3 years ago


How would one say:

"I'm playing the hero in the school play?"

Would/could "school play" be "schoolspel/schoolspelen"? Or is 'school play' not a term used in Nederlands for theater/drama?

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Can I use this as "I'm joking"?

1 year ago


Ik typed - Ik speel zonder de fullstop bij de einde van het zin - waarom is het verkeerd?

Maybe the computer was distracted by the sexy female strippers on my computer.

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That's odd, the system doesn't take punctuation into account. Het zou niet moeten uitmaken of je een punt gebruikt aan het einde van de zin. Also there is a warning when you type in the wrong language. So the possible reason you mention, is the most likely one I can think of... Congratulations you're the first one to find out Duo's sexual preference! ;)

3 years ago
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