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  5. "Sein Auto"

"Sein Auto"

Translation:His car

February 21, 2015



Are Auto and Fahrzeug synonyms?


No. Ein Auto ist ein Fahrzeug, aber ein Fahrzeug muss nicht unbedingt ein Auto sein.


Could this also be translated as "her car"?


I thought her car would be ihr Auto but 'sein' could also be polite singular 'your'. Would someone confirm please?


You know what? We sometimes call a car an auto in English


I think Auto is the word for "car", and Fahrzeug means vehicle. But is that any vehicle? Motorcycle, plane, boat or train? And what about metaphorical vehicles? We here in the states sometimes refer to business deals as vehicles. Say for instance using the purchase of a company to gain control of some properties or rights that are totally unrelated to the business being purchased. It is a method or means of transfer. Do Germans use Fahrzeug in a similar fashion?

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