When exactly will Chinese be released in Duolingo? January next year? March? May?

December 3, 2012


Mandarin, Russian and Japanese would be lovely!

Oooh, Russian? Absolutely.

I would love Mandarin...make it happen Duolingo!!!!!!

For all who find this discussion, Mandarin is in the incubator now. COMING SOON! (Proof:

I would love Chinese!!!!!!!!!! Especially Mandarin. I, If I know all the languages perfectly, can talk to 1.7 billion people, but with Mandarin I can talk to 2.851 billion people. When will they put it up?

Duolingo Staff: I am a native English speaker with a minor in Mandarin and also lived in China for a short time. Seems there are other native Mandarin speakers in this thread with a good grasp of English. Is there anything that folks like us could do to help you develop a new curriculum for the language?

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