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Chat with other language learners?

I was wondering if there would be a way to find people to talk to in the language you're learning. For example, I'm learning French, so I would like to talk to French people learning English, so we could correct each other and maybe teach each other vocabulary that Duolingo that doesn't teach.

August 17, 2013



I think that if duolingo added this feature, it would have more to say in the competition with livemocha. once you learn all the lessons for a language, you can translate here to keep up the skills, but chatting with someone from the country would be excellent


Hey, thank you! I've never heard of livemocha, but just checked it out, and will be joining it as well! Anything I can get my hands on to learn!!! Thanks so much! :)


I seriously can't believe that I have never heard of livemocha. I have been looking for a way to speak with native speakers for years. I've been reduced to lurking in foreign public servers on Xbox Live and Steam. This seems to be much more focused and way less creepy. Thank you, sir.


You can also speak with native speakers on italki.


Do you guys know about Lang-8? It's what you want and more. For instance, you can start your own language blog on Lang-8 (that's actually the main purpose), and then native speakers can improve the mistakes you made - it looks sort of like a simplified, stream-lined Wikipedia article's revision (edit) history.

More power to Duolingo if it adds these features, but until it does I'll spruik the Lang-8.


I don't think livemocha should be competition, since it doesn't cover grammar at all and costs money later on. It does have some nice features, but all in all I absolutely prefer duolingo. 8-lang is great too, but I'd only see it as an addition to what duolingo does. I'm also happy with sharedtalk, since there I got to know a lot of Koreans who helped me learn their language. The internet is a great invention, isn't it? ^^


Livemocha chat is dead! Before was great but now is annoying :s


really, but you teach me german?


Well, an announcement in a discussion like this is a simple way of doing what you want without waiting for Duolingo to make special tools available. In the Portuguese section we have started a little get together on Skype: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/719477. Potentially this is even better because we can "talk" in the true sense of the word.


I've just realized exactly what you wanted, I'm sorry to be so slow, there is an easy way to contact people learning English through French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese already, see my comment in this discussion:



I think that's a great idea! :)


yeah! that would be awesome.


Agreed! That would be very helpful!


I think that maybe even talking to one another could be gamified...


Leave it to Luis...and it will be done.

He is the modern genius that I will tell my kids about.


hi i am persian and i want somone from us to talk with cuz in speaking I'm a little bit not perfect :D anyone can help me?


I play Minecraft on a Spanish server, and it helps me a lot. Me encanta!

[deactivated user]

    There are some other third party solutions, such as various penpal sites. I'm a member of Polyglot Club (google it), and friends with some English learning Germans (I'm learning German). It's quite a collaborative experience.


    When I was learning Spanish, I found it reaally helpful to go on Omegle (bear with me, here), and add "español" and "Spanish" to my interests. It's a great way to talk to native speakers, and sometimes you'll find other people that are trying to learn the language.


    but you could already do that in the stream!


    I am learning German, any one who can talk to me?


    I can talk to you ;) I'm German^^ I'm learning French...anyone here who can talk to me? ^^


    how I can add you on facebook ? :)


    Talk whatever you want to improve your language :)


    Hi ! I'm learning Italian. I am French, anyone who can talk to me ?


    Yes this would be really helpful!


    In addition to Livemocha and other suggestions discussed above, I'd throw Lang-8 (http://lang-8.com) into the mix, as well.


    Great idea. I am at Livemocha for 3 days now,here is my first at Duolingo. I cant find any native speaker at Livemocha,i searched on their FB page,and people are angry cause they made new site and old one was better according to the mostly people there.Livemocha is good but if i cant chat with people or something similar its bad. am learning German,know English. I come from Croatia so if someone is interested in learning Croatian, i can help,cheers


    Is there a chat feature on Duolingo?

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