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"Pigen bliver tilbudt et job som tjener ved en restaurant."

Translation:The girl is being offered a job as waiter at a restaurant.

February 22, 2015



Would it not be servitrice? Or can females be both tjeners and servitrices?


"Tjener" (unisex) is more common and more informal and is perfectly fine to use about a woman. "Servitrice" is mostly used by old people and not totally interchangeable with "tjener". There's also "tjenerinde" ("tjener" with female suffix), but again, it adds formality and is largely redundant.


I always say waiter in English, and I waited tables through University.


how would you say "by the restaurant" as if the restaurant were the one offering the job?


"af en restaurant". "Hun bliver tilbudt et job som tjener af en restaurant." We probably wouldn't say this, though, because it could just as well mean "she's offered a job as waitress of a restaurant". And even though common sense tells us that's not what you mean, we don't appreciate that kind of ambiguity. So, what we would probably say would be: "Der er en restaurant, der har tilbudt hende et job som tjener".


Thanks. I was just asking because I was thinking like what if you substituted "restaurant" with something else like a company name or person. Like here someone might say I was offered a job by Google.


The word bank doesn't have enough 'a's to write 'as a waiter'

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