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  5. "Jag måste hämta plånboken."

"Jag måste hämta plånboken."

Translation:I have to get my wallet.

February 22, 2015



Why not "I must get the wallet"?


That is an accepted translation. The reason why my is the preferred translation is described here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6014446


Like in French with body parts. J'ai mal à la tête.


Would "Jag måste få plånboken" work well enough here or do you need "hämta"?

My guess is that it probably doesn't as it seems that "få" is a passive interpretation of "get" i.e. someone needs to actively give it to you, and "hämte" is a more active interpretation i.e. the subject must actively retrieve it, correct?


You're right. is more like 'receive', although not stylistically of course.


I'm just curious, why is this not 'Jag måste hämta MINA plånboken' if it translates to "I have to get my wallet". The reason why I am still curious even after reading the comment that was posted above, is because there were a few other similar translations where I believed that 'My' was implied but I was marked wrong because those sentences did not contain 'min/mina/mitt'.


Did you read the text in this link? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6014446
If you read that and are still unsure, could you try to give some example of where you thought 'my' was implied?


I can't think of any right now but i do really appreciate the response, If i encounter this again I will post it here. Thank-you.


Wallet is good, but what about purse? Can it be available as well?


"purse" is normally handväska, as in a handbag, but it can also be e.g. börs or portmonnä. I would not generally translate it into plånbok.


Why not bring the wallet?


There's a better counterpart for that: ta med mig/sig.
hämta means that you are going to pick it up somewhere and take it from there.
ta med sig means that you might already have it and will just keep it with you.


I thought that "I must TAKE my wallet" would be correct...


I put a similar "I must grab my wallet", but it makes sense that it should be "get", as that is the underlying action that grabbing/taking implies.


hämta in Swedish is more like "fetch", so although "get" could very well mean either of those, when coming from the Swedish hämta, they don't really work.


"I need to grab my wallet" should be accepted!


Edit: Wasn't thinking straight and wrote something else originally. Sorry about that. We do accept "need to", but "grab" is missing, so I'll add that. :)


It did not accept 'I have to get the wallet'.


There may have been a bug - I know it was accepted before.


"Jag måsta ta min plånboken!" Stämmer det?


No, for several reasons:

  • måste has an e
  • ta isn't the right verb for translating here, though you can use it informally
  • possessives don't take the definite, same as in English where you wouldn't say "my the wallet"
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