"Are we talking about the same thing?"

Translation:Pratar vi om samma sak?

February 22, 2015

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Why is there no definite article for "samma sak"? Should this not translate directly to "are we talking about same thing?" Or does samma not need a definite article?


A noun described by samma is never definite.


Bit puzzled as to why talar was rejected for this one?


Commonly (att) tala is more of to speak (more about the physical act of speaking itself) while (att) prata is closer to to talk (more in a sense of communicating) though some common ground still remains in both languages. E. g. we both speak English (talar engelska), that is why we are talking to each other in English (pratar engelska). In the context of the exercise talar would not sound totally wrong, but nevertheless a bit odd to me as well as speak would in the English version, though neither Swedish nor English is my native language. But well, seemingly nobody else dares to answer...

Regards / Hälsningar


Gotcha - and thank you for replying...made notes. ;o)


I said "prata vi" instead of "pratar vi" and it got rejected, can somebody explain why?


pratar is the present tense conjugation of the infinitive prata.

Using the infinitive prata instead of the conjugation pratar here is pretty much the same as if you say something like she speak instead of she speaks in English. Swedish and English work more or less the same way grammatically here; It's just the problem that the construction itself is rarely obviously distinctive in the English simple present (apart from 3rd person singular he/she/it).

Regards / Hälsningar

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