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  5. "Åland är en del av Finland."

"Åland är en del av Finland."

Translation:The Åland Islands are a part of Finland.

February 22, 2015



Learning Swedish as a German is always fun. It sounds like if someone from Saxony would be speaking: "Åland ist ein Teil von Finland" (Hochdeutsch) "Åland is en Deil von Finland" (Wie meine Großmutter) "Åland är en del av Finland" - Wo liegt da denn noch der Unterschied?


Swedish borrowed very extensively from Low German in the middle ages due to the economic domination of German merchants of the Hanseatic League. That's for example why we say stad whereas Danish and Norwegian still say by. I like to say that Swedish is essentially the bastard child of Old Norse's affair with Low German. :p

[deactivated user]

    Do you people always like to criticise yourselves? :p Heck, even in this course the sentences are more about Finland, Norway, Denmark or Germany than about Sweden! :)


    I think this is actually a misperception. There are a lot of Swedish cultural references throughout the course. In the geography part, of course we want to teach the names of our neighbor countries and some countries our students might come from. But as a whole, the course is more about Sweden than any other country (while trying not to exclude Finland, where there's an important Swedish-speaking minority).


    Well, is being a bastard of Norse and German necessarily a bad thing? ;)

    [deactivated user]

      Albeit a very autonomous and proud one!


      Det är också en jättevacker plats!


      A big applause to the team. I love my time in duolingo. The app enlightens various cities and languages within and 'without' sweden. Bravo bravo


      And here I just assumed that it was part of Sweden. The more you know :)


      A (Swedish) friend of mine told me they had brought Danish money when they went to the island of Ven, but discovered while traveling there that it is fact in Sweden :D



      Why is "The åland isles" wrong?


      Perhaps not wrong but Åland islands is the name used officially.

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