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  5. "Hade du stängt dörren?"

"Hade du stängt dörren?"

Translation:Had you closed the door?

February 22, 2015



Is it just me or does the sentence sound a little unnatural?


I think we're more likely to say 'did you shut the door?' 'Had you' for questions sounds very formal to my ears, but it is correct


I think the issue here is that pluperfect sentences are usually follow up questions that occur in the framework of a context in common speech and seeing them outside that capacity (i.e., without a context) throws first-language English speakers off.


To me this tense (if that is what to call it) sounds like someone being questioned about, or otherwose recounting, events in the past - such as in court. Someone might ask you "Had you closed the door?" in such a case for example.


this tense makes everything sound like a cross-examination in a trial


Det förklarar hur hon förlorade sina hästar.


It's a bit odd. This would seem a lot more natural to translate "Hade du stängt dörren? ---> Did you close the door?"


That would be stängde du dörren? in Swedish.


Why not "Have you closed the door?"


Well, "have you" and "had you" are different tenses in both English and Swedish. The former would be har du.


Ah! So apparently 'have you closed' is present perfect. I thought it was a past tense type verb. Whoops.


Okay, i think I need a bit of guidence about when to us the various words i know for close. When does one use sluta, stanna, stänga and i think recently i was also introduced to avsluta.
I'm sure this concept in different senses results in other verbs too but let's start with these.. Thanks in advance for a link or help.


Well... only stänga really means "close", usually.

sluta and stanna both mean "stop", with the former being for verbs ("stop whistling") and the latter for nouns ("stop the car").

avsluta means "finish", so there are a few cases where it might translate to "close" - e.g. "close the case", or similar.


Thank you for these distinctions, they're very clear - I just now need to commit them to memory! Clearly I've been a bit lax in fixing the meaning of these verbs in my mind previously.


What would the verb be for "Had you locked the door?"


That would be låst (infinitive låsa, present låser).


Yup should be " did you close the door"


Please refer to the comment by Sninguistics above.

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